Unisuit Exclusive HB – Black

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Unisuit Exclusive HB

Because thicker is better

When Dr Bill Stone made the coldest dive ever in West Lake Bonney he was wearing a Poseidon Unisuit. At 39 metres, the water temperature dropped to -5C because of the hyper saline water. But Stone had no problems coping with the temperature.

His experience is shared with thousands of commercial and professional divers. The Unisuit’s 7 mm closed cell elastic neoprene provides enough stretch to allow for hard work underwater and the quality stands up to the toughest tasks.

With millions of tiny gas cells to keep you warm, extra underwear is only required in extreme conditions. And thanks to the zipper configuration, it’s also a suit you can take on and off without help.

The Unisuit comes complete with attached hood, neoprene sealing to the neck and the double cuffs, freeze-proof swivel inlet valve and manual outlet valve.

When the going gets tough, the Unisuit comes into its own.

  • Don and doff yourself
  • 7 mm (1/4”) closed cell neoprene
  • Double seam – stitched on inside and outside
  • Neoprene-sealed neck
  • Neoprene-sealed double cuffs
  • Reinforced kneepads (welded in)
  • Durable hard sole kevlar boots
  • Attached hood
4510 06 Unisuit Exclusive HB – Black, spec.
4510 26 Unisuit Exclusive HB – Black, XS
4510 36 Unisuit Exclusive HB – Black, S
4510 46 Unisuit Exclusive HB – Black, M
4510 56 Unisuit Exclusive HB – Black, ML
4510 66 Unisuit Exclusive HB – Black, L
4510 76 Unisuit Exclusive HB – Black, XL
4510 86 Unisuit Exclsuive HB – Black, XXL
4510 96 Unisuit Exclusive HB – Black, XXXL

Product number: 4510 06 – 0510 96

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