Technical labels

Labels are printed on Al, Fe sheets with the offset printer, this printing can be done with single or multiple colors. Advantage of such printing is that those colors will last longer, withstand harsh conditions, UV light etc.
Another type we make are labels made from stainless steel, these are “printed” with lasers.
Special group alone are cable labels used in electrical installation.


With thermal transfer printing we are able to make paper or plastic etiquettes with the maximal width of printing 104mm. Such etiquettes can be used as ad stickers, signs in various colors and shapes, etc. We are also able to number them successively or mark them with the barcode. It’s a great solution for a great price.

In case you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us with your specific requirements such as (material, size, shape, color scheme, number of pieces). We are able to make a quick pricing offer for you. We are also able to make a graphic design upon a special request.